The Best Way for HR to Support and Communicate With Organizational Leaders

The costs of failing to communicate with other leaders in the organization go beyond raising HR’s profile with leadership. One of the major effects of not connecting with other leaders is the inability to support the business in all ways that HR can and should. However, the other big consequence is that HR itself will suffer by not having the resources needed to meet the needs of the business. Brandon Hall Group research shows that more than half of all HR teams are only “somewhat” ready to handle future challenges.

How to Make Career Development Employee-Centric

Organizations that managed to develop an effective career-development program embrace it as a business strategy and their managers believe their responsibilities include helping employees develop their careers. Employers who say managers care about their employees’ happiness in their careers are 10 times more likely to have effective career-development programs.

How to Ensure A Candidate Accepts Your Job Offer

Candidate experience is a modern concept that encompasses the entire set of activities, feelings and experiences a candidate goes through during their job search. But which of those experiences contain the key moments that can compel a candidate to reject or accept a job offer? Those defining impact points are of high interest to any organization seeking to make an immediate impact on one of the most telling recruitment metrics: offer-acceptance rate.

Look at Workplace Experience Through Your Employees’ Eyes

As employers focus on driving business growth, the top people priorities for most organizations are assessing and driving employee engagement, according to Brandon Hall Group research. We define engagement as an “outcome driven by the quality of employee experiences,” which means nearly everything employees touch during their tenure, from onboarding to technology to their relationships with managers and leaders, and everything in between.

Getting Mobile Learning Right

To gain more insight into the current and future state of mobile learning, Brandon Hall Group partnered with SAP Litmos to conduct a mobile learning study and found that only 31% of companies have a defined strategy for it. Join us for a webinar where we will look at more of the findings, as well as a discussion around what companies may be doing right, wrong or not at all